Vienna, Wien, Vienne, Wenen…

I went on a city trip to Vienna last month!

We were there for a week, with a group of friends and it was so much fun 🙂



We also visited some churches, this was one of them. It was really beautiful, in Rococo style.


We were just strolling through the streets when this man parked his car against this other car. It looked very silly hahaha.


And another beautiful church. Look at the cupola that is painted on the ceiling, it really seems to be a real one.


This amazing view over the Donau.


These little yards were really cute and colorful.


And the bar which wasn’t open yet. We wanted to have a seat over there, but it was way to hot 🙂


I loved this art ❤


Here we went to the Prater amusement park. It stays open at night until 10 pm, so it’s really nice to go there when the sun is setting.


This is the park, and the palace from princess Sisi, also known as Schönbrunn. It’s a huge palace and a beautiful park, if you have the chance, definitely go there. You don’t have to pay to visit the park.


After Schönbrunn, we had lunch at this very cute restaurant. I took a photo of this, because I want to make a cabinet like this for my herbs at home 🙂


Wherever you were in the city, there were always horses. But it’s very expensive to have a ride with them through the city, so we didn’t do that.


Happy happy happy 🙂

I hope you liked to see these pictures from Vienna!

Talk to you soon!


Silke xxx




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