Mini-shoplog March 2016

Hi guys!


It’s spring break, so I went out with some friends and did some shopping in the city. I mostly bought beauty products, and I thought I would share it with you 🙂



I found this really cute blouse from Pull&bear. I needed some basic pieces in my closet so I could easily mix and match them with other things. When I saw this, I knew I wanted it! It’s simple, cute, fashionable and easy.The material is really soft and light, perfect for the summertime. This cost me €14,99. I forgot to take a separate picture of this, but it’s the background of my other pictures in this post. You can see it on their site here.


Oh god, I love this store so much! There jewelry is simple and cute, just how I like it. That’s why I bought this really cute pair of earrings. They are silver and when you are wearing them, the lower part appears below your ear. It’s very different and that’s why I like it. They were 15 euros.


I also bought a lipstick at &OtherStories. After a lot of doubt and comparison, I chose the color “Montagnac Berry”. It is a matt lip color, but it’s on the creamier side. It’s a beautiful color, deep berry red. Also, it smells amazing! It has like a vanilla smell, it’s awesome.


When I went to the cash desk, I saw these cute hair ties. I always wanted these, but I found them kind of pricy, and I didn’t know if they would hold my hair up, because I have a lot of really thick hair. But they were on sale, so I took them with me for just two euros 🙂



I really needed a bb cream. I never used foundation or bb cream in my entire life, because I never knew what color I should have taken. But I finally made a decision and I’m really happy with this maybelline bb cream, for €9,99.


I also bought my favorite concealer, I always use the same one from essence. I bought it in the lightest color, because I’m kind of really pale right know…


And the last thing I bought was this mascara, also from Maybelline. I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t really tell very much about it… I never use waterproof mascara, because I don’t like to rub my eyes out at night haha, so I bought the ‘extra black’ one.


I hope you guys liked to see what I bought this week, and I’ll talk to you soon 🙂

Love, Silke




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